Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Painting Prices Seem to be Falling...

Tom Petty once said he knew he had made it when he saw posters advertising tickets for a bogus Tom Petty concert. I know we're a good way and certainly a lot of work away from "made it" status, but I think I know how Tom felt when I read things like this (from

" ... We also changed the pricing structure to be a bit more competitive ... Remember we are not Farming out the work to someone overseas, your money will be spent here in the US on cheap crap from China. "

The way I see it, there's hobbyists who paint minis for the love of the hobby and for extra cash to buy more minis, a
nd there's people who paint minis to pay bills and taxes. I know there are more than a few of the latter out here in Asia.

Here are some pics of an enginseer I painted recently for a friend. This is at what I call our character quality, which is $5 a 28mm figure.

You can see a the full gallery here.