Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lucas Como Joins

Lucas Como, who's Adepticon team's army appeared in US White Dwarf 311, has joined us as head of our US operation.

A little about Luke. He is the captain of Team BLOID, an Adepticon Team that won Best Appearance in 2005, is gunning very hard for 2006. He's known for taking appearance seriously: he presented an army list once made of stained glass, and he started the tradition of building display bases. This summer he will be appearance judging at various tournaments throughout the US. These pictures you see are unpublished images of Team BLOID's WD 311 army.

Luke is also a good friend who's been with us since we went live back in August '05. He's helped guide us up from a one-man show, to the 6 full time us staff we have today -- and adding about a painter a month now. He's mentored our quality up to what it is today, and has been my pulse on US wargaming since I left. We touch base almost daily.

A US Office
Luke now runs our little shipping hub in the US. We found that the USPS would not insure or register packages to Sri Lanka weighing more than a pound, unless it came by express mail. This is more expensive -- unless quite a large package is being sent. It becomes EVEN cheaper if that large package is a shared shipment covering several clients' minis -- so cheap that we're talking registered packages that get to us within a week, at less than regular shipping rates.

An added benefit, is that anyone shipping through the US hub doens't need to do any customs paperwork. We handle all that ourselves. All someone in the US needs to do to send us minis, is mail them to:

c/o Johnson and Assoc
1210 Towanda Ave #12
Bloomington IL 61701

And we'll handle the rest :) .