Monday, January 06, 2014

The Sri Lanka Cyber Games - Cheapskate goes to a Con

The local Geek Club had the good fortune in December, of being invited to run events at the Sri Lanka Cyber Games. You'd think this has nothing to do with traditional table top gaming - and you'd be right. The organizers were looking to grow their event into a larger, more encompassing festival. They asked us to bring some table top flavor, and so we did.

I was (of course) put in charge of running a few wargames. I figured I'd just run a couple of scenarios and alternate between them. I didn't anticipate though:

1 - how novel table top wargaming would be to people. Most of the attendees were FPS (First Person Shooter) players.

2 - that many would come back the next day, and want to play again. 

As such, I soon found that I had to pull out every trick I had. I ran two wargame demos a day, for three days. This was a lot more tiring than I expected, and Geek Club volunteers gave me a ton of help. I had blast, made new friends, and even helped inspire some to tinker and kitbash as well. 

Here are some shots from the event.