Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mechwarrior Repaints

As you may have noticed, I'm a big 15mm fan. 

There's a lot of 15mm infantry out there, especially scifi infantry. Dropship Horizon maintains a catalog of many available choices.  However, while the infantry is quite cheap, the vehicles usually aren't. I'm not saying the prices are unjustified, far from it. I'd just rather see if I can find a bargain.

Mechwarrior was a good starting point. Mechwarrior is not 15mm, and a lot of the vehicles are just too small. The mechs though, are fine. If you're not too picky, a lot of the armor will do as well.

I sourced my Mechwarrior minis off Miniature Market. They're a fantastic source of CMG singles. If you don't mind repainting, CMG singles a dream. Most cost pennies, and they're easy to find. I searched their Mechwarrior by price, and set my max per mini at $1. About $20 later, I had over 30 vehicles.

Mechwarrior is no longer being made of course, so Ebay is your best hunting ground.

Here are some shots of what I got up to. 

And a better group shot of the lot. 

How do they compare against 15mm infantry?

Well, here is an (unimaginative) kitbash of a 15mm, Flames of War, Sherman tank chassis. I'm using these as APCs. See how they scale against some Khurasan figures.  

Now see how the scale against the Mechwarrior figs. 

Close enough for my taste. For less than a dollar each, I'm quite happy with these.