Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Modern Warfare in 15mm: Iraq, 2004

I've been hankering to run a modern warfare game for a while. the bits and pieces had slowly been falling into place. Some Rebel Minis insurgents here. A Last month, I put together a few minis from:

- Rebel Minis
- Khurasan Miniatures
- Old Glory
- Some Chinese toy company that makes almost-Matchbox

And ran a rules-light version of the 2 Hour Wargame's "Quick Reaction System". It was a blast, and I could write an essay about it.

I won't though, cause that would be pretty batshit-insane. Instead, here are some pretty pictures.

Quick Reaction Force
- Blackhawk (meh)
- Hummvees (seemed a little small)
- Predator Drone (utterly fantastic)

The blackhawk was extremely accurate - but I felt the casting was low detail, as if from a worn-out mold. The pewter rotors were great - except unfortunately, they can't support their own weight. They droop over time.

 Rebel Minis
- US Special Forces
- Insurgents
- Hostages

Great prices on these. Rebel Minis gets that you may as well build armies at this scale, rather than skirmish forces.

Most of their minis come in 20+ figure packs, and they usually go for around $10 a blister. Tough to to argue with $10 for a platoon.

The terrain was pretty simple. Cardboard boxes, cut up to look like ruins. I cut in windows, doorways, and glued in floors and and ledges where appropriate.

Some quick dusting with some spray paint, and a whole board's worth was ready.

Khurasan Miniatures
- SEAL Team 6 (I know, right? Kickass!)
- Taleban (Not-Bin Laden comes with a hostage)

Khurasan's sculpting quality is higher than Rebel Minis. The owner also seems more "intense" about his work. Just look at how much detail goes into for his US modern military codes, versus how Rebel Minis manages that.

His stuff is also pricier than Rebel Minis, but completely worth it.