Wednesday, December 21, 2005

We're Sponsoring Adepticon!

I am proud to announce that we'll be providing some of the prize support for Adepticon '06.

The Best General players of the 40K Team tournament, and the 40k Championship Best General will be receiving our "Adepticon Warmaster" Certificates. These will entitle them to:

Ten character miniatures professionally painted for you by Asia's best 28mm craftsmen. Elephants, shipping, and dancing girls, not included.

Originally we had hoped to be the "official painting service" of Adepticon, but since Adepticon isn't actually getting anything painted by us, it made more sense go to for "Proud Painting Service Sponsor."

Jeff Chua is the fellow in charge of Adepticon I believe, and he seems a pretty level, approachable guy. You can visit Adepticon's site here.

And now, a picture of me relaxing a weekend ago at my Dad's hote, Saman Villas (I'm reading Kurzweil's "Spiritual Machines"). They're having their tenth anniversary on the 23rd, so we're probably not working on Friday.

I don't know about you guys, but when you work Saturdays and often Sundays, you take days off wherever you can...



Anonymous said...

i have detected a falw. such a falw is that the pool is NOT olympic sized! it is small. too small to be olympic sized! hahaha! ur pool is not as good as.... the one at my local ymca!

Navin said...

... But you see, does your YMCA come with room service and fresh mango ice cream?

HA! A falw upon your house!


xysing said...

Cool place! I want to go!

Navin said...

Heh heh! You know you're welcome any time SS :) .